I seen like never mention on my IT officer life on my blog before, as an IT Officer, i take care of whole company IT infrastructure, inculde all the server and workstation, software inventories and also network architecture.

Still IT Technician 
I just have this problem when i start my IT Officer life 2 Year ago,(Oops, should be IT Technician), 2 year ago when i have my 6 month holiday, i work as an IT Technician for a company, this company located at Wisma Boon Siew, and they have just sign up a contract with City Bayview Hotel, all the IT related are incharge by my company. My company loacted me there for IT service. My senior has pass me a stack of document related to all the IT hand Over document from the previous IT Manager that has been quit that hotel already. The document are not so clear, i need to study the networking of that company.


How to view the whole Network ?
I imediate email my lecture – Mr.Cheng who have good experience in networking field for many year, he introduce me a software call Network view, this software is shareware. It able to search all the network in the whole property, result will be the Workstation name and IP address. Mac Address also will be listed out.

Until now, i still carry this software wherever i am. To try out this software, may download here, this is a good tool for IT Technician, IT Officer, IT Executive, IT Engineer and also IT Officer