~My IT Officer Life~

Yesterday noon the stock has arrive. The UPS that i order last week. Previously my company are using APC Back-ups, but recently the supplier recomend me this model:

 Liebert IT ON 600VA

Emerson Network Power, the global leader in Network Uptime solutions presents Liebert-ITON. UPS Systems for your Personal Computer & Peripherals. The Liebert ITON is a line interactive UPS that provides perfect power protection for small office and home office PC systems. The Leading IT/ITES/Data Center, Banks, Large Enterprises rely on us to protect their mission-critical equipments.


  • Power protections for Fax/Modem
  • Overload Protection and Alarm
  • Communication port
  • Smart AVR Technology
  • Smart Microprocessor control
  • Smart Monitoring Software

My company order 10 Unit of this UPS, due to budget constraint, soon will order more, probably in the next month.

This time, i no need to bring my Minolta Z1 or borrow from the Duty Manager, i have My Candy Bar (Nokia 6300) to capture all this stuff. Yo..! hoo…! but quality lack literbit la~ 🙂

The weight is lighter then the APC’s UPS, i can carry 3 unit at 1 time, for APC UPS, it is damm heavy, i only can carry 1 unit 1 time.

The disadvantage of this UPS is just only 2 power output, if compare to APC’s UPS, they provide 4 output with 3 output are with battery and 1 are direct power source without battery.

It also have it advantage, it has the “Power protections for Fax/Modem” to protect agains lighning…so far we did not use any model now! no use for use on this function.

Huh~ at last install 8 unit already, still have 2 unit will be install on monday…