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I has already stop my IT officer position early on this month due to a lot of stupid idiot and stupid happening there, the last day of my IT officer should be middle of this month, but due to my position related to “P&C” and company policy…bla bla bla… (according to my boss, should be x-boss now) so, company decide to early dismiss me as IT Officer, but my paid will be until middle of the month.

I am sure dissatisfy !!! Why early dismiss me? It look like i am doing wrong thing and get dismiss! WT Fark…

After check out with HR, this is quite normal, most of the high position such as GM, Manager and those Head of department and IT, will be dismiss without notice on the last day. This is because, to prevent them take out company information.. Probably worry that I sabotage company server…i guest!!! but stupid la… I think they did not see before those hacker movie, TIME BOOM type virus… Eventually i did not do anything, those PC and Server just like my baby, how can i hurt them 🙂 ~~~

Just forgot about pass, an Unhappy working environment there

now become…


iCalvyn.com – Your Gateway to IT Engineer Knowledge


Ya, I manage to get a job, the title of this job is “IT Engineer” hopefully this new job can bring more interesting topic to my reader…Will start working on September.

~mean that i already holiday almost 3 week, what a wonderful holiday~