It suppose is my Xmas Present, but now become my Birthday Present…

Almost 1 month ago, I call the camera shop book a Nikon D80, it suppose is my Xmas present, but due to Nikon Malaysia no stock, delay until now. I have a friend who work at Nikon KL said that this model always the best sell.

Yesterday afternoon, the seller SMS me and after working hour, immediately use 10 min time from Relau to Paya Terubong and 15 min time from there to town~ Carry MYR 4K at my pocket and at last see my baby!

About half year ago, also the 1st time I meet Johnathan, a blogger that I know from WMM forum. That time he is looking for a Semi SLR just like my old camera, and I convict him to go for SLR at the camera shop, until he bough canon 400D, and I still with my SEMI… haha, really sorry for him… every month ask me when my SLR come and want to go shoot picture with me…

I wish I could shoot those picture like below… but my SEMI cant do it… πŸ˜›

Lot’sa button to use and some I still blur, but most of it already have with my SEMI, and now, the lens is changeable

Some more got auto and manual focus at the lens, is nice to play those function, I will do some comparison soon in my future post

I am still practice on the function and it is far away from my previous camera, so is time for my old camera to retire, but still will bring her out once a while πŸ™‚

There are few Photography blog out there that I alway admire their skill, such as ShaolinTiger, VincentPang, Calvin, Mich I wish I could learn from them one day.