Recently I found few website which provide movie to download, all are in rapid share file, but for legacy, em…. you should know what I mean! All this movie take space in my Hard disk, I need to burn it into CD if that movie I like, so I can watch again in future.

While I search over google, I found another CD burning software which enable me to burn all my movie to CD, few movie such as “Smallville” and “Prison Break“, so to “Heroes“, are my favorites movie, I require to burn it into CD, and watch it when I free.

This burning software name Blaze Media pro, it provide 15days free trial, also a DVD burning software, the best function for this software is it able to convert DVD to AVI, MPG, WMV, and you might burn it into CD again.

I have already download it, and going to burn some CD and DVD, free up my hard disk space 🙂