Few days back when a friend of mine, pass me a pendrive which contain a RAW file (a photo which capture by SLR camera), this size of this file is 30MB.

At the moment i found 1 difficulties to send this file to once of my designer friend who live at Canada, my Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail can’t upload this huge file size.

Lucky i found Driveway, a file sharing service. This website provide a free web based service for online file sharing. Just simply browse any file, size really does matter, can be any file type. Hit the “send file for read” or “send file for edit”, you will get a link after the file has been upload. Simply use the link, put it in your blog or send it by email to your friend, and your friend could download it in his/her computer.

This service really suit me a lot, since i have a lot of file to share with my reader. Try out Driveway.com if you have huge file to share with your friend.

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