2days ago(thursday) once of my friend want to buy some IT gadget online, but he don’t have May Bank account for transaction, so ask me to help him contact the seller & make payment thought my May Bank account(maybank2u.com)

I browse thought the online store and found few interesting gatget, one is Hand Pressing Flash Light and another is Lighting earnpick, i also bought 2 unit on both item, the next day (friday) already arrive.

Hand Pressing Flash Light

This item was not bad, it cost me RM6, no need battery, is some thing like dinamo flash light, i have tested yesterday night, the flash light open 2 hour continous was no problem, and after the light goes blur, i need to press it in and out for 5 min, then the light goes bright again.

My 2 cent :
It is make from China, in this device, it have a item(so call rechargable battery) that able to store electrict, i not sure how long it can last.

Lighting Earpick

This device are suitable for parent, to help their chirldren clean ear wax, it is using AAA size battery, should be able to last long

My2 cent:
I just buy for fun, my be can as gift for those “new” parent, or may be for my son in future……hehe 🙂

I bought both of this item from Kemen Marketing, this is their online store, fast delivery and respond, hope can deal with them soon.

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