Back to my previous post: Online send free SMS. There was no problem on the 1st and 2nd day after sign up, just having a problem when i sending a SMS on the following days.

When i send a message, it shows “recipient must be Mobik number”, it seen to be not “unlimited free SMS”.  This make no sense for the “Free SMS” word at that website. It is bull shit?

Tips and Trick for Mobik free SMS…
Thank for my college S.K.LEE, who give me a tips and trick for this Mobik SMS, but it is literbit troblesome, it take few step to send a REALY “free SMS”. No choise, save money what?

3 stepS… free SMS…

1step: Go to the setting

2nd step: Goto Personel Info, change the mobile phone number to the recipient mobile number, change the carrier setting as well, save it.

3rd step: Finishing! Key in the recipient number and type the message, then send it.

My 2 cent:
That all for the few step tips and trick, but the purpose of Mobik doing this also need to ensure alot of people sign up ask mobik user, so encourage your friend to sign up 1, so that their number are mobik user, and u won’t need to do this extra 3 step any more. My advice is “GIVE AND TAKE”, help them promote and use their service.

please help me to digg it if you feel this article good and helpful. if you don;t have account, just sign up 1. it is free