Recently I spend a huge amount of time for Internet marketing research, and found that a lot businesses actually know the important of website, but they do not have knowledge on how to market their business online.

Some company, they do understand that make their product listed in search engine will bring greater value to their business and willing to hire SEO Company for work on search engine optimization at their business website, but some not affort to hire SEO consultant due to too high cost.

Actually there are few option which can start from low cost. As we know, link building is one of the SEO method that able to bring more lead to the business. Business owner can spend some time to learn basic SEO technique at various forum, no matter black hat or white hat, as long it able to bring lead to your business. It is worth to spend.

Buying software is one of the easies method to DIY search engine optimize at your business website. My self purchase few tools which is social bookmarking submision tools, article spinning tools, and article marketing submission tools at this moment, this few tools can bring more natural traffic to my website.

Many type of Marketing Automation Software are introduce in forum, and some do provide their user review on the Content Marketing Software and the result of their marketing campaign.

For my own experience, after using the marketing software, it really save a lot of your time to do all the marketing campaign manually.