Mostly our home use wifi, wifi router, or ADSL wifi router are just a small box with one or two antenna, and the longer the better signal for the antenna.

Normally the brand at the market here will be DLINK, LINKSYS, AZTECH…. For better brand, i will recomended go for 3COM, NETGEAR, BELKIN…. but the price sure will be higher.

From my previous post: Wifi Installation. I have mention before a new WIFI service provider are comming in for Wifi Installation. During the WIFI installation and testing, i have taken some screen shoot on current WIFI service provider’s equiptment, just as a record for my future use. Below are my company current WIFI service provider equipment, a out door AP. The Access Point(AP) are very big, to ensure the signal can boardcast to the whole building.

There are 4 pair of AP. Located around the 4 corner of the building. Picture above and below consider 1 pair each….

The signal need to cover the whole building which is 13 floor, from 5th floor to 19th floor (exclude 13th and 14th floor)

The worst thing of this company is they are using indoor equipt to become outdoor equiptment. Due to the sun light, the box of equiptment will be hot and hang sometime, the performance won’t be so good.

Let see what is inside this box, a switch, AP and a buster (stronger the power for the signal)