We always saw news paper or television shows those send SMS (Short Messege System) to the particular 5 digit number. Example type “On football” and send to 33200, and you will receive news update at your mobile phone set with the news you interested. Such as latest foot ball result. We call this as shortcodes service.

Some of the charges are normal SMS, (Short Messege System) rate and some are higher charges rate. Mostly company use this kind of shortcodes service to deliver text marketing, text-to-win, and text promotions ads to their customer. Once customer subscribe, they have to paid for the news receive.

Just to share my experience, there are also a brilliant marketing plan I saw before from a local Internet Marketing company. This company provide the shortcodes service to business owner for free.

Business owner just require to provide those information that need to deliver to their client/customer for this Internet Marketing company, in the meantime business owner require to publish/ advertise the 5 digit phone number/shortcodes to their client/customer. Once their client/customer subscribe to this 5 digit phone number, they will receive the news update.

In this case, customer paid for the news, Internet Marketing Company make money from it, business owner deliver news to customer for free.

With this kind of marketing plan, as a business owner, you just require to paid for the 5 digit phone number, the rest of the cost will be bare by your loyalty customer

If you are business owner who wish to deliver Shortcodes to your client or customer, you can consider using Cellit Mobile Marketing Service, they provide 5-digit number for text message/ text news /text promotion ads to mobile phone service. Buzz up your business with shortcodes