Will take about WHAT IS PATCH PANEL in the up comming post. Back to this Wireless Backhaul Microwave system, according to the IT personel…

I have mention about patching Patch Panel at WAWASAN University in the pass few post regarding to Wireless Backhaul system.

Many people does not know what is Patch Panel, never see before, I believe even our educator also did not show us during my academic time.

Beside right, a picture of Patch Panel, all the UTP wire will be connect to switch, and switch will link to server or any other device such as router, switch and modem.

All the cable in front are easy, simply connect the switch will do, does not matter which port to connect at switch, but on the patch panel port, each port represent a location.

Lets see behind this Patch Panel, there are all the cable need to patch in to the panel (as below). All the cable are go to computer lab, office, or reception’s face plat.

After patch all the cable into Patch Panel, all the cable behind patch panel must be well arrange and tie up accordingly. The picture below show the arrangement in the server rack. The more tidy, the more easy to manage and trouble shoot in future.