At last i get approve by PayPerPost, back to my previous post on 10th MAY: Rejected by PayPerPost , due to my blog not enought 90 days, was get rejected. Currently my blog fullfill the requirement and get approved.

PayPerPost is a ads on blogs Internet Company that pay you when u post a review on their advertiser product or service. You will “get paid to blog the thing you love” at This Company connect advertiser and blogger in the blogsphere.

I was in blogsphere less then 1 year and i heard on PayPerPost when i start blogging at, that time i have apply PayPerPost, but get rejected too, due to less traffic and did not have experience to manage my blog.

In my blogging life, i make alot of blogger friend and they also have join PayPerPost and make some hot cash from this company. I am very excited when i get know my blog was approve.

So what you waiting for, if you have blog, but not yet a posties/member at PayPerPost, faster register here.