While I told my friend I am going to bon odori, the 1st thing they will comment: “those are kids event” because at their mind set, this event full of those secondary school student, around 16 year old to 20 year old, we use to be there during our secondary school.

I did not snap much picture actually, is full of people, and very peak, can’t snap a good picture, only manage to snap people’s head. πŸ™ Oh ya, talk about head, I manage to snap head of Penang, the Chief Minister of Penang is dance with those Japanese people. What a wonderful moment.

Lot of people there, and under the stage, dance with all those Japanise, and some are fake Japanise actually, because I heard they are speaking chinese or hokkien… lol

Seriously, a lot preety japanise chick there, and I manage to snap few of their picture πŸ˜›

People who wearing Japanese cloth are not much, about 15% among all the people there, but guess what a lot?

Photographer a lot, DSLR a lot, my mum use to told me

Simply throw a stone to a group of people, will hit a diploma holder.

While I grad my college study, and my dad use to told me

Simply throw a stone to a group of people, will hit a Degree holder

While I grad from Uni study, and now iCalvyn will told you

Simply throw a stone to a group of people, will hit a DSLR holder

Don’t believe, see this

Those really photography freak! but I not sure how “Pro” they are, because now a days, ah TU ah Kaw, ah Beng ah Lian also affort to buy a DSLR, just about MYR2000 manage to get a entry level camera.

Ops, they are snapping Japanese chick.

Seriously, their song and dance are very nice, and there are some Japanese chick under the stage, and dance with all the people there.

After the sky become dark, we have nothing to do, without external flash, can’t actually take a good picture, so just walk around there until 10pm, wait for the firework to be launch, and only 5 minute. I just manage to snap few picture only πŸ™