We are planning to snap sun rise at Penang Hill, but unfortunately, the weather not act nice on that morning.

We arrive the cable car station about 6.15am early in the morning, the 1st depart was 6.30am up to Penang Hill, so far the cable car is not full, just some worker who work at the peak with us in the same trip. It took about half hour to arrive the peak, and there are interchange station at the middle of Penang Hill.

Ticket for the cable car (Adult) is RM4 for 2 ways, and RM3 for 1 ways, and the cable car depart from the cable car station every 15mins start from 630am

Timing arrive there was 7am, sun is rising already, can’t snap a full night view on top of the peak. I shall plan 1 days go there early by hiking up there, or make a camp there for 1 night ๐Ÿ˜›

I feel that those orange-red light just like those lava falling out from the volcano, night shoot is really fun, and too bad, this moment the sun start to rise, can’t snap a fully night view from Penang Hill

Other then all this peak photo shoot from Penang Hill, we still walk around that area for some photograph, will post up here again shortly