23th May 2009 is Penang International Dragon Boat Festival which organize at Teluk Bahang Dam. On my memories, during my childhood, my father bring me to gurney to watch dragon boat race, the race a long the seaside. While this time, the dragon boat festival race on the dam.

dragon head
I was a bit disappointed when I saw the dragon boat, because on my memories, dragon boat should be very “grand” but when I saw the dragon boat on that days, yuck! why just a dragon head and a dragon tail “PLUG” on the boat and the dragon body with some painting, or cardboard or sticker stick on the boat only.

On that day, we also get some volunteer pass from the organizer, thank for the Ms.Peggy Tan (Honorary Secretary of this Event) who provide us the pass, so that we able to get into some nice corner for dragon boat shooting.

For this event, I purposely went to buy a Nikkor 70mm to 300mm lens, a cheap lens actually which cost me RM390 only. Without long zooming lens like 200mm or 300mm, it is impossible to a close up to the dragon boat while they race. Above is the starting point which is very far from my standing point, with my full turning of 300mm.

and my friend Hugo, who bring his 200mm for this event.

There are some Motor Boat follow behind to ensure the participant safety during the dragon boat race.

Who will be the 1st for the race?

number 1 dragon boat

Look at those participant, some of them are so cool, and they have a big arm.

Penang Dragon Boat

Also, there are a very funny snap below, is almost ending already, and this team, see the last few participant, once of him seem to be hit by the roller

He is going to faint

dragon boat festival

Finally, he faint down

Also, morning are teenage team, some of them are from secondary school

After the whole morning for Penang International Dragon Boat Race Shooting, I did not wait for the opening ceremony. On the following days, plan to visit again, but too far from my house and on that day, friend was asking for movie. So just give up to shoot the ending of the dragon boat race and the closing ceremony. Probably next year 😛