Do you know you can report a crime via Whatsapp? Or request assistance from the authorities (Police) in Penang via Whatsapp? For other states, do check with your local authority if they had such hotline for you to contact.

I am saving this number ever since 2009, 012 4900999, this number is shared from an ex-colleague who had a good experience using this number by reporting the public incident to the authorities. Old time, we require to use SMS service to deliver messages to this number request for assistance, but with the improvement of technology, now we can use Whatsapp to send messages to this number, may also attach photo, voice, and video.

Basically, you can report any incident whereby is a complaint or report a crime. Let me share with you a few examples that I am using this to report complaints to the authority. There is a few time around my neighborhood, people are making noise during midnight, by either open the music very loud or yelling here and there (such as celebrating) without care disturb others neighbor? I will pick up the phone and send simple messages to this number 012 4900999 request for assistance, the message can be as simple as below:

“Di Jalan XYZ, depan Kopitiam XYZ, ada sekumpulan orang menjerit-jeris sejak pukul XYZ, minta pihak berkuasa ambil tindakan”

I am writing this in bahasa is because to make easy understanding for the duty officer. just to translate it into English for your understanding

“At Jalan XYZ, infront of coffee shop XYZ, there is a group of people yelling making noice since XYZ, request the authority take action”

Just require a very simple sentence, mention where (the road name), specific more clear exactly which spot will help them locate faster, and describe what happened.

Malaysia Police Car

After message send, the duty officer will make a response such as “Sudah maklum ipd.t.laud untuk tindakan. T.Kasih” (Had already inform the patrol unit to take action), immediately the officer will page the nearest patrol police car. Usually, take 10 t 15 minute, you will realize a police car reach. Problem solve.

According to Chinapress, Penang State Chief Sargeant welcome public to report illegal activity such as gambling my contact this hotline immediately and this hotline are operating 24 hours.

So, do keep this number, 012 4900999 for emergency usage. Do report incidents such as a bully, accident or even if you found any suspect, don’t risk your self to be a hero, let the authority to do their job. Ultimately, we are still a normal citizen and a taxpayer.

Malaysia Police Officer

012 490 0999

Do save this number