I have been driving my 2 wheel sport car for almost 9 year since year 2001, together with heavy sun light and heavy rain all the while. Initially I was planning to get my 1st car after driving my 2 wheel sport car for 10 year.

Middle of this year, I have budgeting of either Honda City now, or Honda Civic 2 year later, but out of expectation, now I have a thinking on Honda Civic now or Honda Accord 1 year later… But feel that Accord is too “Uncle” type, not suit for me 😛

white honda civic

Pass week end, I have arrange a test drive on Honda Civic 1.8S with the Honda sales personnel . After the test drive, not much special since just drive at the town road, and approximate 5 to 10 minute only, but during I start the engine, feel like not yet started! the engine is very smooth and quiet, totally heaven and hell if compare to my father’s Toyota Collora DX since 1980.

toyota collora dx wagon

For the interior on Honda Civic, is very big and comfortable, but the disadvantage on Civic 1.8S is without “Paddle Shift Control” transmission, only available at Civic 2.0S which cost extra RM15,000.

According to the sales person, the color available for the next quarter will only have Taffeta White and Sparkle Grey Pearl, I still not yet decide to get what color, probably will get taffeta while, and may be put in Type-R body kit after some time later 😛 but fore sure people will laugh at me!

While for car loan, may be now economy more good, loan interest also increase, approximate 3.3% for normal bank, and 2.95% for those more unique type of bank (not much branches one), I still not yet decide get which one yet… what your opinion?

Anyway, if you need to know more, probably can visit Honda Civic Official Website for more information or wait for my full review after I get the car.