Programming is not an easy job, I suppose to be programmer or a software engineer right now instead of IT Enginner. I do study in Information System Engineer in my college and university, but after graduate, I did not involve my self in programmer life.

I have few friend are doing programming blog, and they do share their programmer thought, other then this I do read some other interesting programming cum design blog too, such as

In this programming blog, I do like few article which talk about user accounts, the information provide there is about the security level related to our operating system.

Another article which I like are related to spyware community, in this article, the blogger talk about the the Microsoft Spynet membership. There are 2 different membership, basic membership and advance membership. While your computer are getting spyware, the information will be send to Microsoft.

Other then this 2 topic, some of the article in this blog which related to Internet, Web Design, programming, technology, useful tools and some related video are very interesting.

Since I don have talented in programming, I wish to take my extra time to learn it and visit those programming blog, and learn from there. πŸ™‚