Quality scoring is Googles reward system. If you get a high quality score they will charge you far less per click. If you get a low quality score they will charge you more.

google quality score

But what is it based on? It is based on common sense and fairness! Let me explain.

Google only charges you when someone clicks on your ad. They do not charge you anything to display your ad when no one has clicked on it (this is called an impression)

So if you have phrases in your account that are only generating impressions but not click’s then Google have not made any money.

There they are displaying your ad for free and not making anything from it. How would you feel? So when someone does eventually click on your ad Google will charge you more for that click to re coupe what it feels that it has lost because of your poor choice of phrase or because your ad was not appealing enough for people to click on it. This sounds fair and makes sense!

So to improve your quality score get rid of phrases that are only generating impressions and not clicks. Your (CTR) Click through
will go up and so will your quality scoring.

There are many other ways to improve your quality scoring but the end of the day an efficient campaign properly set up will be a win win situation. You will make MORE profit and Google will charge you less.

At this point I would like you to consider an option that will make a great difference to your AdWords campaign.

Over the years I have found that many businesses do not really have the time or expertise to re adjust their AdWords campaigns sufficiently to make these dramatic savings and to realistically increase sales. But they do want to pay the minimum AdWords costs for the maximum results!

If you have felt that this course has opened your eyes to the possibility of reducing your AdWords costs and Increasing your AdWords sales but you feel you do not have the time or expertise to put these suggestions properly into practice then I can help.

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So if you have an AdWords campaign and have been paying AdWords more than you should then doesn’t it make sense to get a professional to sort it out. It will save you a fortune and will increase business.

Writen by Graham Callingwood, The Top Page Guru