A lot of blogger actually manage to make money online from their blog and quit their main job or full time job, build up a good career over blogging. Ringo also a part time blogger who can make some income, crazy on traffic hit, and plan to fire his boss.

After he screw over and over his mind, he come out a very “reasonable” resign reason to his boss.

blogger resignation letter

Honestly, some time I also have this kind of feeling, no time to blog and marketing, and traffic drop really have the actuation to type resignation and pass up on the next days ๐Ÿ˜€

But seriously, at this economy down time, really hard to get a suitable vacancy out there, and to be advice don’t be so actuation to make any stupid decision, except you really have a strong financial support with you.

Trying to find more alternative part time income, expecially over internet, you can have a lot of different way to make money online. Among my friend or whoever get connected to me only 1 or of 100 know how to make money online, the rest, still hardworking looking for alternative income with traditional way.