As mention before Paypal allow to withdraw paypal to Malaysia bank, and found some people mention that the rate is lower, but without much proof.

Due to cash flow problem, I decide to cash out most of my paypal fund to my VISA card and also local bank. I have made a cash out of USD$500 to my VISA debit, and USD$500 to my bank account on last week 5th November 2009 night.

Just working 3 days later, and found my bank account with this detail:

cash out paypal to malaysia bank

Total RM1665.90 ($500) , as per promise during my cash out last week at conversion rate 3.3318

cash out paypal to visa card

In another hand, in my VISA card detail show RM1665.04 ($495) , which conversion rate at 3.3637, faster 1 day compare to bank.

On this “experiment”, it shows that rate for cash out Paypal fund to Visa card higher then bank and due to the $5 transaction fees charges during cash out paypal at VISA card, the cash out money at VISA still slightly lower then bank.

As conclusion, cash out paypal to bank is the smarter choice, further more, another advantage for those who have a lot paypal fund to cash out every day. For VISA cash out method, only $500 maximum cash out per day, while bank, you can cash out more then $500.