Heard this website quite some time, alot of blogger are using this website to earn revenue, some of the news said LilianChan – 5Xmom , who have 5 figure income just only blogging also using this website as once of her weapon.

I have try to submit my blog to, unfortunately i receive a email from PPP, title is “Your Blog Has Been Rejected”. Following are the content of the email.

Dear Lee Calvyn,

This is a notification to let you know that your blog, –
Your Gateway to IT Guys Knowledge, has been rejected for the following

Thank you for your blog submission!

Unfortunately, as per our terms of service, blogs must be live for at
least 90 days in order to be eligible for our services. Blog age is
counted from the blog’s first post. Please re-submit your blog for review
when this requirement has been met.

Thank you!

My blog still a baby, less then 90 days, have to be 3 month old then only survice… So now i have to take care it 1st, every day feed it, milk or biscult also can o… kekeke