Long time I did not do short review already, and I have owe Deimos a short review of his blog, who is a blogger of ahkong.net.

Ahkong.net, since 2008, from a blogger name Deimos Tel`Arin, is a Gamer, a Blogger also a Philosopher.

I have one deep impression on him is on entrecard, he can fully utilize the resource of entrecard to make his website increase a lot of traffic. I am not sure what his alexa rank before he join entrecard, but now his alexa rank is about 40K, and mine one still at 110K. Still far away from him.

review back of ahkong.net

If you would like to know deep inside on how to use entrecard to boost traffic, you may check on his blog, all the technique are share on ahkong.net

Any way, I would like to thank him by making me a short review at ahkong.net of my 1 year aniversary of Domain and Hosting Sponsorship program