I have participate in ReviewBack.com quite some time ago, but did not really use this service.

Recently i have try to click some blog and request for review. It actually work, and i also make some friend thought this website. On this post, i am going to show u all few friend that i make and their blog…


Is blog by a person name HityHoo, from Jiangxi Province,the China Mainland.

This blog content are chinese, if you guys know chinese, can try to visit there. There are less chinese blog at Malaysia.

After few mail from this blogger, i realise that Google checkout did not support China, HityHoo did not able to take my offer of free Domain due to he did not have Credit or debit card and Google checkout did not supported China. Hope soon will get all the requirement, i will keep my word 1st…

This is Ann

Anna, currently at switzerland, she is a Malaysian who from state of sabah. She follow her husband to switzerland, who is a malaysian too, and currently work in a swiss-french multinational.

Anna blog about her life, even she at switzerland now, but she still care about Malasysia, she blog on her opinion on Malaysia news too…

I am offering Anna the free domainthat i promise, hope she will like this offer, and i will wish her have a happy life at switzerland