~My Blogging Life~

Times to Review back again, back to my last review:  ReviewBack (Season1), i was review 2 person, HityHoo and Ann, both of them are from foreign country, china and switzerland. Today. i going to review 4 person:~

Rosli is the blogger of MySimpleOnlineBusiness, he is a person who do marketing for conventional business for more then 16 year, but just start to explore on internet marketing on year 2005. 

On his blog, he share his marketing idea and information. His experience will definately give you some blinking bulb. I definately will consult him for my blog marketing method.

This blog, is blog by a person name Saiful haq,he is a sales manager at intelture.com. This blog is new, the Date Of Birth are 25thMay, less then 2 month time, but the visitor already achieve over 20,000, if compare to mine, i am still far from this blog.

Saiful also a good marketer, he able to attract alot of visitor to his blog with a short period, he also blog about his experience on the SEO, like how to get high rank in google, and also alot of hot topic in Malaysia. Other then this, alot of free stuff also introduce in his blog, such as free SMS at callwave.com and mobik.com. Callwave.com, i just get this infor from his blog, will try out and review to you all soon.

My Journey into Life
This blog, is own by Syafrizal, from Shah Alam, he blog on his life, humor, and also providing some funny commic at the blog. Other then this he also blog about soccor, and blogging technique. Another good found from this blog, i have found 17list of pay to blog program there, wow, so much fo us, soon i also will come out a list too…He is also blog full time, another full time blogger from Malaysia, wish him all the best

Gold Rushin’ 
A blogger’s attempt to make money online. On this blog, i get know some paid to blog program such as Bloggerwave, blogsvertiser, blogitive and Smorty and also some basic requirement to participare. I get some knowledge there.