I believe majority do download non illegal software, movie or MP3 before. Microsoft always insist on genuine software because there are few potential risk using non genuine software.


Why use genuine software?
According to research, you have 60% chance of getting malware if you using non-genuine software, reason because the programmer/cracker who modify this non-genuine software might add in malware and seek for victim.

Risk of Malware

  • Your personal information such as password, email content, data and photo be stolen.
  • Your financial information such as banking or credit card information be stolen.
  • reduce your computer performance.
  • reduce your internet speed.

Legal Risk
In Malaysia, you might get fine up to RM20,000 per copy of  non-genuine software. Directory of the companies to be jailed for not more then 5 years if found guilty under the Malaysian copyright Act, 1987.

For Businesses, we always encourage to use genuine software for a worry and stress-free experience and focus on what really important, such as your business planning and how to make more profit from your business.

Well, get GGWA (Get Genuine Windows Agreement)with your preferable reseller