Before our government announced the news regarding replacement of RON 92 petrol with RON 95 petrol, I believed that most of us don’t even know what RON is and what grade that we are using. Some of us who know a little bit about RON95, once heard of downgrading, all kind of negative thinking came across our mind.

ron95 petrol

Before you make any further assumption or conclusion about RON95, let’s go through below, see whether it help to clear your doubts.

RON is actually short form for Research Octane Number. It is a rating for unleaded petrol. Higher Research Octane Number mean the petrol have higher resistance toward pre-ignition or detonation. If previously you are using RON 92, switching to RON95 won’t be a problem because RON 95 undoubtedly better than RON 92.

However, if you are switching from RON 97 to RON 95, the biggest problem bothering you will be will it damage the engine with lower quality petrol? Theoretically, this depends on your vehicle’s engine compression ratio. The compression process caused temperature variation inside the combustion chamber. This will lead to premature ignition of oil, which we refer as knocking. Heavy knocking occurs equal to low performance, equal to serious engine damage as well. The main point here is you must select the petrol with RON suitable to your engine compression ratio.

If your vehicle compression ratio is not set to high, even if you use higher RON petrol, the performance cannot boost to higher. Moreover, most of the car manufacturers suggest RON 95 as the minimum requirement. So, initially, using RON95 is not a problem in term of performance. It is good enough for our cars. Of course if your car go through modification, turbocharged car, it will be a different story.

RON 95 is worth to pay?
In term of price, RON 95 cost RM1.80/ litre. Since the performance is good enough, why waste more money to pump in RON97, which is RM0.25/litre more expensive. If you compare with RON 92, it is worth to spend more RM0.05/litre to enjoy better quality petrol. Despite all the above reason, there is another reason why we should use RON 95. RON 95 is environmental friendly. It is designed specially with more additives to produce cleaner emissions at the same time enhance vehicle performance.

In conclusion, with all the benefits stated above, I don’t see any reason not to switch to RON 95 (besides your car manufacturers not recommended). Thus, let preserve our environment from air pollution and start using RON 95 petrol today.