To install Operating System into a brand new machine without using CD Media, the alternative will be booting it using USB drive; but how to create a bootable USB drive with the OS installation media? or How to burn the ISO file you download from your particular OS software website into your USB drive?

Previously I am using wintoflash, and currently I am trying Rufus as alternative. Below few simple step to create your bootable

1. Download latest rufus apps from and run it.
2. Insert your USB drive into your computer .
3. From File System, Choose NTFS as the file system.
4. Check ” Quick format ” and ” Create extended label and icon files “
5, Check ” Create a bootable disk using ” and click the drive icon beside it to select your desire ISO file .
6, Now click on start to create a bootable OSUSB flash drive .

For this round, I image the windows server 2012 R2 datacenter’s ISO file (4.4GB) to my USB drive, it took 18 minute to fully create the bootable USB drive.

Now I can boot my server with my USB drive and proceed to setup windows server 2012 R2 datacenter into my server without need any CD Media.