Getting know about scissor lifts

Many year ago, at my housing area, the drain system is not well develop and cause flooding during heavy rain. A lot of car owner did not move their car on time, car will be damage during flood.

Usually heavy rain and night, and a lot of people does now realize flooding, and most of the vehicle owner having big loss because their vehicle has been damage by the flood.

At that time, I have told by those olders, to seek for scissor lifts which able to lift their vehicle at least half meter to 1 meter above the ground, so that their vehicle able avoid damaging during flood. As per my observation, a lot of cleaning company do own a scissor lifts, because they need their cleaner to clear higher part of the building, especially hotel which have a higher celling level. Other then hotel, painting company, car manufacturing company also require to have this kind of scissor lifts.

After know about this kind of devices, I start to do some research, and found that the famous one will be hydraulic lift table, the most valuable benefit is it provides by creating ergonomically safe working conditions and save electricity as well

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  1. Bouncy Castle Hire Weston-Super-Mare April 10, 2010 at 7:53 am #

    We rarely have floods in the Uk, well at least not enough to warrant buying one of these. However we do have scissor lifts with wheels these are used mainly on construction sites and big warehouses for changing high applications and so on. I used a king size scissor lift with wheels the size of a tank when I changed some piping in Southampton 🙂

  2. scissor lifts February 16, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Scissors lifts are the most valuable equipment used to clean and reach higher parts of the building or an construction suite. We do use them in our warehouses while loading and unloading goods.

  3. Allan Twillert October 28, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Hey there calvyn,

    It’s a short post and it ties flooding and lift tables. The only problem with that kind of connection is that some floods can be strong enough to wash away the car and the scissor lift. It would be like looking at a safe full of money being swept away in a heavily flooded street.

    While scissor lifts can also be rented out, it might not be enough in the face of mother nature’s tears. I suggest that car owners just move their car to higher ground and avoid the flood entirely. People can then use the scissor lift for construction purposes later after the storm.

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