My company are using static IP address configuration, which mean each computer have to manually set an local IP address, most of the company use to do this, for better control over their network.

For using windows XP, I did not found any difficulties to shift my local IP address, but with using windows vista, the process is very slow, and always ask me for permission during the process.

Start -> Setting -> Network connection, right click on the LAN, and click property, it always pop up “Windows need your permission to continue” and while click OK, it need few second to process.

After shift the IP, still need few second to apply the setting, all this second, make me feel annoying 🙁 it take more step to accomplish.

I search over the Internet, found this useful software, it able to help me shift my local IP address. IPShifter, is a good software which able to let me save few configuration. I have save 1 setting for my office, and save 1 setting for my home network.

While I back home, just plug my laptop back to the network, and simple few click to shift IP address, the setting has been change. So to the same process while I back to office.

Example like my current office setting:

I have to manually set the IP address everytime I plug my laptop back to the network, and now, I just preset the record in this software.

while I at office, click on the “office” on left, and click APPLY, the local IP address will shift to the setting I save.

While I back home, I just open this software again, click on “home“, and APPLY it. My setting will automatic become DHCP, which is my home network setting 🙂

If you have another environment which have different local IP address need to apply, you can create another new profile, and soon, just apply it when u plug your laptop into that network.

This software is a paid software, which require paid $22.95, and you can download this software for 14th days trial. More information can refer IP Shifter.

other then this shifter function, this software also include IP scanner, or LAN scanner, able to let me scan how many people in my network, which the specific IP range.

Disadvantage of this software: Need to be paid 🙁