As an IT Engineer, I buy computer gadget online before, not much, just once only 😛 Most of us Asian, still prefer shop physically instead of shop online, but soon, more and more people will buy all their need over the internet.

I have few friend, also my customer who buy domain and web hosting from me, they have start their own e commerce online shop which selling cloth to local customer. My sister also sell low cost jewellery over her blog.

If talk about Jewellery, I found a website over UK sell a lot nice Silver Jewellery, The average price range is about £15 to £25, some might be cheaper, and some might be expensive depend on the quality.

You can found Silver Bracelets, Silver Bangles Silver Pendants, Silver Necklaces over this website, and they provide free delivery over UK with using first class Royal mail post and second class airmail post for international delivery.

The best thing of this website is, the product able to return if there are faulty when you receive the goods, and also 14days money back guarantee, with term and condition apply. I am just thinking whom birthday is coming soon, might look for some b’day present over this website 🙂