After getting know How to use Google Analytics. Lets begin by weeding out the phrases that are generating time wasters and keep in and improve on the phrases that are generating the real sales and interest. To achive this we use the AdWords analytics

Today lets look at site depth, time on site, bounce rate and visitor loyalty. We will take bounce rate first.

Bounce rate
A bounce is someone who visits your site and takes one look and leaves immediately. They ” bounce”. This is a time waster who has
no intention in buying from you. They are just a surfer who’s eye was caught by your ad. You do not want bouncers! They cost you
money that could have been spent to generate a real customer.

Site depth.
This is when someone who lands on your site and visits several pages of your site.

Time on site.

This tells you how long a visitor has been on your site.

Visitor loyalty are returning visitors.
This means that they havebook marked your site and are returning. It is a fact that someone will visit a site several times before buying a product so it is important to know which phrases generate visitor loyalty.

What can you tell by these?
If someone has used a phrase and lands on your site and spends several minutes on your site, visit several pages and then bookmark your site and return several times Who spends time on a site and return to the site several times if they are not interested in?

These are all of the hallmarks of a real prospect. They will probably buy from you!

So by looking at the analytics you can weed out the phrases that are generating the most bounces and keep in the phrases that are
generating, time on site, depth and visitor loyalty.

The budget that you will save from this can be loaded onto the phrases that are really working! By using the analytics you have
just reduce costs and increase sales. But there is more.

You can improve on this by using the conversion tracking system. site overlay and traffic sources.

Writen by Graham Callingwood,
The Top Page Guru