Other then 3 bosses, 2 sales colleague, 1 clerk a.k.a boss’s secretary, and 3 technical engineer include me. My company just have 9 person. As a senior to another 2 technical engineer, I have to give them some guide and minimum supervision during each task assign by my boss.

To have a quality job performance, some time, I need to schedule, planning, analyst the problem to be able to come out a smooth work load and a good solution. Without this, some how customer complain that we did not follow up on their unsolved issue, or delay to solve the problem.

To arrange a better performance and enhance the quality or job, I require to find my self a balanced scorecard training, learn out how to design metrics, to measure job task, control the time frame, and improve business performance to the best, implement balance score card with using metric,to produce a good planning and build a good outcome.

Hopefully with using BSC Toolkit’s balance score card able to help me balance some of our workload, with a proper planning and arrangement. This training definately will benefit my self, so to company. After taking this training, I will talk about the progress, and what I have learn here.