Most of the teenage having financial problem, most of my friend are owing credit card, some of them also look for personal loan to solve their financial problem.

Recently I have a friend who still in college, come to borrow some cash from me to pay his exam fees. I was curious because according to him last time, he get approve by government loan, should be no financial problem.

After having some conversation with him, realize that his spending behavior having problem. He is having luxury life after the loan approve, he buy him self a laptop, buy branded cloth, shopping during week end, spend girl friend to luxury restaurant. No wonder he short of cash right now. As a friend, I need to advice him to have a money smart student. I do have a good website which show 5 Ways To Be Money Smart As A College Student.

Few tips that I advise him was, to get a part time job after class, or week end. Try to avoid having his meal
at luxuries restaurant and also don’nt shop at branded cloth.

I did not borrow him much money, since my self have not much spare cash, some more need to pay phone bills, internet bills, insurance and also my study loan too. I have advice him look for student loan dir which contain those low interest loan for student. 1 more important advice for him is no borrow more then he need, if not he will bring him self more troubles.

Just my opinion, 1 more tips that I always practice, when I am having meal alone, i will buy back home, save the drink. Imagine each day you save your drink about $3 for 2 meal, each month you will save $90,and you will save $1080 yearly. The amount of money can make some different at your life.