No matter which organization, small to medium or multi national company. when where what and how! They require tracking system on the daily progress, either customer transaction or internal management among the staff and operation process.

Even for our personal life, some people use to keep track on their expenses, investment, event, aniversary and some insurance or license renewer date.

I use to work at a company which require me to keep track on the construction progress. During that time, I am using Microsoft
Project to manage my project schedule, and generate the report weekly, present to my boss and the main contractor, so to a group
of contractor. Unfortunately, this software not really able to perform more task other then project management.

I have come across a website name “agile development” which offer Agile Software Development service. The software developement also offer some extra agile tools which include colloboration, code analysis, project management, continuous integration, code reviews and so on, it able to help your organization to get a better solution.

If you are a software developer for your company, this software can help you a lot to creating a better management solution to your company include a full life cycle of SDLC. Worth to have a try 😀