When we come cross hard disk, people always ask does unbreakable hard disk exist? I do saw before unbreakable Pendrive or USB drive, but never seem before an unbreakable hard disk drive.

inside of solid state drive, ssd

As per our understanding, hard disk are make from a disk, with the mechanical motor spin it, the read and write head reading and writing data/file into the disk. While the disk fall down, it might cause the read and write head scratch the disk surface while it spin.

In this case, we need to very careful while we carry hard disk; but does there any hard disk are unbreakable? While I heard about a hard disk throw from 4th floor, and still able to use, 1st of my respond will be “bullshit”

After watch this video, the unbreakable hard disk is not just a legend, just like our USB drive, the same material and concept are using to develope this solid state drive.

Solid State Drive (SSD) also known as RAM Drive, with no moving part(unlike hard disk which spin by motor), it is less fragile then hard disk and also silent compare to hard disk drive.

Every item also have it pros and cons; In my opinion, this kind of hard disk really bring more secure to data lover who can’t afford to loss their data. Faster reading speed, fast random access for reading since it does not require any spin and move the read/write head, noiseless, less power consume for lower capacity Solid State Drive.

Other then this, since this technology has just invented, the capacity are lesser, cost are higher also slow writing speed, and SSD need more power to operate for large capacity drive, and the worst part I dislike is the limited write cycles.

inside hard disk

As the comparison shows, hard disk require a disk to spin read and write head, while SSD , solid state drive just embed with some micro chip.

inside of solid state drive, ssd

Just for your information, this solid state drive technology started at year 2008, and 2009 will be selling aggressively.

Currently I would interested to know which area are selling this solid state drive and how much it cost. Will update at iCalvyn.com IT Engineer’s Blog once I found the price for solid state drive and where can buy it 😀