Today, early in the morning I was attend Cisco Training, and wonder to post my opinion and some tips here tonight .~

Other then this, I also wonder which topic should I post for another few days, (schedule post) because this Saturday I will go to KL for vacation, till next tuesday. There are few gadget come out from my mine, and already have idea wanna to share here with you all.

After office hour, my company sales personnel ask to join our client’s company party, the company was cerebrating that their company was listed in “Second board” and move to “First board” (Share Market) and I have consider to buy to! This company have unique business in Malaysia and have potential to growth too, and the share only MYR0.50++ currently

When I arrive home, I was shock, 3 of my friend waiting me at my house and they bring me to the nearest McD, and bring a cake for me! wow, I thought this year no much people realize it and was thinking to pass it silently without CAKE

Many thank for my friend Vincent, Kooi See, and Pei Hong, and it was touching!

Well, tonight was no time write some good article, and tomorrow night not much time too, need to pack my stuff! I guess I will bring you all some nice tips and Gadget after I come back for my vacation

Stay Tune