Since 24th May 2008, I have register a business name online at SSM, and paid RM60 online for the registration fees, I done all online without step into the SSM office.

ssm mobile office

Last year, I plan to make the renew online, and compile the step by step “how to renew business registation online“, unfortunately I was late, and unable to online renew. I require to look for the mobile counter. ( as per understanding, SSM office are located at mainland, they do not have office at Island, they only open mobile office twice a month at specific location)

You can found the location, and the specified date at, once login their website, look for :

brmc 2010

Click for the state you located

kounter bergerak

For example, I am looking for the mobile counter schedule during May Penang, below will be the schedule for MAY 2010.

Similar to this year, I found my business registration going to expired on 24th May, and imediately I went to look for online renew registration, unfortunately, I was late again, the online registration require to do it 1 month before the expired date.

As usual, this is my 2nd renew visit, I went to visit the mobile counter, so called “Kaunter Bergerak Pendaftaran Perniagaan“, and fill up the renew form and paid RM60, waiting for 15 minute for the office to process, after finish, they print out a the business certificate for me.

SSM business certificate

This is the pieces of paper after paid RM60 per year… I wonder how profitable will be for