“How to blog?”

i always heard this question when i share with my friend on blogging. the 2nd word they reply me sure will be this:

“You are IT guy, sure easy for you, not for us”

Are they right? definitely right… “half only”… it is sure easy for IT literate person, but outside there still have a lot of success blogger who earn 5 figure income per month. some are even earning US Dollar. They are just a house wife. So why don’t have a try to blog.

“How to  Start?”

1st, find your niche. There are  2 simple way, #1 is to find the area were you have a particular skill, interest, knowledge or aptitude.  #2 is to decide if the area is too general  (e.g. like IT or Engineering or Gardening) and if so to find a niche within were you can operate successfully.

You can blog

  • Things you enjoy doing e.g. doing Writing review on book, movie etc
  • Any special skills : Computing, Cooking, plating piano or guitar
  • Any Topics or skills you would like to know more about : learn Japanese language, Web design, making money online and etc.

“Pay or Without Pay?”

Both also can, it is recommended to have own domain and paid hosting. For me, when i started blog, i am using free blogging service with own domain name. Here are 2 most popular free blogging service that i can recomend : www.blogger.com and www.wordpress.com .

Option1: Free Domain, Free Service (All Free)
You are actually can get all free, sign up the free blogging service, you able to get a free sub domain, which is either www.yourname.blogspot.com or www.yourname.wordpress.com . Recomend to NEW BLOGGER

Option2: Buy Domain, Free service (Half Free)
when i start blog, i am using blogger.com, i have a free domain which is www.mylittlepenang.blogspot.com I have purchase a domain from Namecheap. refer My previous post : My 1st Domain name (Getting start) and point the Domain name to my free domain (Using URL forwarding in the domain control panel). This option is recommended for those want to blog long term, and want to build your Reputation(Domain Name)

Option3: Buy Domain and Paid Hosting (No Free)
Ihave paid my hosting for this blog, now a days the hosting service are quite cheap, as cheap as RM99 per year(approx 30USD). My self, I am paid RM299 (approx USD88) for 2 year. And my domain are buy from Yahoo, only USD1.99 (approx RM7.04) when it have promotion. For Hosting Package like mine, you can visit Exabytes . So far no complaint on the service.

If you choose Option 1, don’t wait anymore, find a niche and start blog, you wont loss any single cent. Even you can “EARN MONEY ONLINE” with Option 1.

“Are You Sure?”
Dont believe, i show you an example in next comming post, Once of my friend – Louiss Lim are doing well in blogging and start earning 3 figure income in just a few month effort