I believe most of the readers are not drug addict, but some are smoker. Smoke doesn’t mean not good, I also smoke occasionally. But do care about the people behind you and who you love.

1 month back when my boss assign me to perlis for a project, due to all the room fully reserve, I force to stay with another 3 smoker and the whole night they smoke and drink until 3am, and I need to be their air filter, next day, i fall into sick.

Just my 2 cent above. Ok, le’ts go into real topic here. StopYourAddiction.com is once of the drug rehab and drug treatment center, which is a non-profit drug rehabilitation referral service, providing help for those drugs addicted people.

Other the drug, they also provide alcoholism rehab service, this service are suitable for teenage now a days, most of teenage like drinking, and till the next morning unable to wake up for working, I have few friend & colleague are alcoholism, and they did not take my advice too.

If you have friend who are drug addict or alcoholism, and you wish to help them, please ask them register them self at StopYourAddiction.com, this organization have professional people to consult and help your friend.