Few month back I come across Streamyx student package, I was thinking to change my current plan from streamyx combo 1 to this new Streamyx cool Uni Pack. The price for this package is RM50 per month, still cheaper RM10 then my current combo 1 package. The special for this package is come with a HP net book which worth around RM1200- RM1300 with the term of contact 2 year.

cool uni pack

Effective from 1st of April onward, streamyx do have another promotion, price for this package has been reduce from RM50 to RM38 per month, and same offer with the previous package, net book still included.

Current Promotion more expensive then previous promotion
Unfortunately the reduce of the price is not really a good news! I believe this is the business tactic from streamyx. As per my research, the previous RM50 per month package are include telephone line rental (as per understanding from my friend who already register)

Unfortunately for the latest promotion RM38 package, although price is reduce, but this package does not include telephone rental, applicant require to paid additional telephone rental RM27.50 per month. As conclusion, then total need to paid is still higher then before promotion.

Compare with Combo Package
Let compare with normal combo 1 package, RM60 with 384kbps speed and include telephone rental, while Cool Uni Pack is RM38+ rental RM27.50 total is RM65.50. although is expensive RM5.50, but cool uni pack do get 1 HP netbook which cost around RM1200.

I want to apply too
I have call up streamyx call center to ask for more information, according to them, this package only available for diploma student and degree student… while MBA that I currently taking are not in the list.