Do you know how large is Russia? According to the map, Russia occupied 6.6 million square miles, is the largest compared to any other country. From the population perspective, Russia had approximate 144.5 million (2007) vs world population 7.7 billion.

Apart from getting traffic from Google and Bing, you might need to consider submitting your website into Yandex, a search engine from Russia.

1.  Access, and click Log In

2. You will reach the login page and if you do not have an account, usually the first time, you need to click on the registration

3. After reaching the registration page, fill up all the detail and hit register.

4. After complete sign up an account, you can now proceed to add your website. Simply click add site

5. On this step, you just require to key in your website URL and click Add

6. Next step is for website verification, usually, I choose HTML file as I had access to cPanel’s file manager or FTP, just simply upload the HTML file into your root folder.

7. Once done verification, you will see your website had added, go to the right side menu, click indexing and click sitemap files

After adding your sitemap, done, you had submitted your website to Yandex search engine. You might need to wait some time for Yandex’s bot come to index your website.

Update: I submitted the site to Yandex webmaster around 17th November, the search engine started to crawl my website at 21s November, and we can see from the crawl statistics below, it increase slowly.