Just get this website from Mik’s blog, Mik is introducing SubvertAndProfit.com, a website that make you some money when u digg or stumble other people article.

SubbvertAndProfit will pay you $0.50 per list of votes. What you need is having DIGG.com account and STUMBLEUPON.com account. Sign up SubvertAndProfit.com and start to Digg and Stumble article.

How this website work:
Advertiser want their website to be read by a lot people or to Digg by a lot of user. They pay SubvertAndProfit, and we are part of the team in SubvertAndProfit, we DIGG and STUMBLE the advertiser article. Advertiser paid SubvertAndProfit, and SubvertAndProfit pay us.

Other then this website, i get know another website which operate by once of my friend, also make the similar business. They pay RM0.20 per click, and any one if interested may email me at clickme@icalvyn.com