While IT people talk about switch, or when I told people I am installing switch, people confusing and will think is the switch that we use usually at home, on “off device switch”

Cisco is one of the famous networking brand, and the price are damm expensive. Some more is not everyone know how to configure this product.

I have been admire those Network engineer who can configure this product. If not mistaken those engineer salary are very high, and they are just master to configure the this kind of product only.

Last week I came back from site support, I saw a Cisco switch in my company, according to my boss, this switch need to send to a factory and install it for them. Just Install, no need configure. That not good for me, quite rush and I did not have time to try it out at office.

While arrive there, I just install the “ear” on both side of the switch and screw it up into the rack. After that, plug in all the cable

This model is “Cisco Catalyst 2960” for more information about this model may googling on google. Lucky I still have chances to play with this model. According to my sales, that factory still order 2 unit and the stock not yet arrive.

Hope next time I may bring more experience on this device here. Stay tune~