Now a days alot of people have internet connection, most Internet popular Service provider (ISP) will be Streamyx, and it have different package, some are 512Kbps and 1.0Mbps. The other Internet Service Provider (ISP) along Malaysia will be Jaring, Maxis Boardband, Penang Fon(Penang) and Metro Fon (KL)

Today, a friend of mine, Benny, asking me how to test his Streamyx bandwidth. For my self, i normally use this 2 website, it is recomended for Malaysian

  1. bandwidth test
  2. Streamyx bandwidth test

Jaring Bandwidth Test – at my company line

Streamyx Bandwidth test – at my company line

Both result are almost same, to test your bandwidth, you should close all the browser and stop all the P2P application, mainly just for bandwidth test, then you will able to get an accurate result. For my company, may be there was other in use of internet, so the result will slidely different literbit