As I mentioned at my previous post: The Orient™s Voice (Season 1), I purposely took leave for this event.

No Social Life
Working as an IT Officer, I can meet a lot of people in a different department, instead of only own department colleague. (Damm, I am the only person in IT, so I always talk to my PC, server, switches, UTP cable, and play with my mouse). When I start blogging, my social life event more worst, after working time will be staying at home, surfing the Internet.

I need to have a social life
Socialize, have fun, meet people, make our life more colorful, so that we can find more “Kang Tao”. Am I right? so this event have more then 100 people attend, ist a good opportunity to make friends?

This Event is organized by Nuffnang, and this picture shows how they love Nuffnang.

dono who is the victim, kekeke

Criz and LogicYuen are try to took this funny scene, i think if posted to the star, may be could win RM50 buck…

At this event, a famous blogger – Kennysia also attend, i not really know about him, but he have a lot of FAN, see, they are interview him, and a lot if camera shooting at him, like a star

After the interview, they ask Kenny to show his leg’s hair, what a funny idea…

See, all are “ham sap” one, camera so fast ready lioa

Kenny said: “let me show some sexy post 1st , before i show u all my BULU”

Kenny said : “Here come my BULU, see properly ya, only a few second…”

Then they cut his BULU and stick in a card board and make aution, damm crazy lo… Now only i know blogger are “anomalous” and “pervert”

Alamak, nipple hair also want to cut… they are really MAD

I very happy to attend this event and meet some new friend, such as Criz Lai, Logic Yuen, Johnathan, Nick, Timothy, Cedric and all the blogger below

Here are all the 100 Name list who attend this blogger meet

1. Adeline Tan
2. Alisa Yong Phaik Yi
3. Amy Quah
4. Ang Chiew Chuan
5. Angeline Ting Shee Peng
6. Azrin
7. Badruzamani Azmi
8. Bryan
9. Chang Demmi
10. Chang Shea Speare
11. Cheah Mein Kok
12. Cheah Sae Wei
13. Cheang Wai Keong
14. Cheong Ai Ling
15. Cheong May Lin
16. Cheryl Wee
17. Chew Lee Lian
18. Chia Li May
19. Chin Choo
20. Chin Yeit Yuan
21. Ching Ping Ping
22. Choo Wei Harn
23. Chow Ae Mi
24. Chow Michelle
25. Christina Ooi
26. Christine Ng
27. Criz Lai
28. Daniel Ooi
29. Daniel Ooi (Last samurai)
30. Daphne Ling
31. David Lee
32. Edmund Pua
33. Elise Tan
34. Emily Chong Huey Min
35. Erlynda Ng
36. Evelyn Ong
37. Evelyn The
38. Gabril Gim
39. Geh Chee Hsien
40. Gillina Chow
41. Hee Win Nie
42. Heng Charng Yee
43. Him Vingie
44. Hobart Lim
45. I Ming
46. Ian Khoo
47. Imin
48. James Yeang
49. Janice
50. Jason Lim

51. Jeffrey Chew
52. Jeffrey Choo
53. Jennifer Ooi
54. Jo Ann
55. Jocelyn
56. Jonathan Tan Tze Chiang
57. Kenny Chew
58. Kew L. Ang
59. Khaw Re Nee
60. Khoo Han Phin
61. Khoo Kah Peng
62. Koh Yung Shen
63. Lasker Saw
64. Lee Teong Yeong
65. Lim Eng Seong
66. Lim Su Yee
67. Loh Ji Yuan
68. Lucia Lai
69. Maggie Soon
70. Matthew Kang
71. Mei
72. Michelle
73. Minny
74. Nancy Phuong
75. Nasir Sobri
76. Ng Chew Hao
77. Ng Shuh Jiuan
78. Ng Tak Cheong
79. Nicholas Chan Yik Yeou
80. Noorizam Shah
81. Novinthen Krishnan
82. Oh Phaik Ling
83. Ong Soon Chiang
84. Ooi Zi Xin
85. Raja Ainun Shaira br Raja Ahmad
86. Regina Tan
87. Riduan Teo
88. Sandra Teh
89. Shirley
90. Soo Chooi Leong
91. Tan Choon Theng
92. Tan Wan Yean
93. Tan Wei Shian
94. Tee Swee Hong
95. Tham Yih Shyue
96. The Zing Wei
97. Thomas Yap
98. Tiffany Tan
99. Yin Yin
100. Yong Weng Hong