Back to my previous post at Penang WebMaster Gathering, at last the gathering finish. Quite a lot of people, but what i can see the forum member are quite less, most of the other participant are not the forum members.

At this gathering, I get know some new friend, and also glad to meet them. Once of my friend louiss came down from KL with his friend Aaron on this meeting, and I have bring them both go “jalan jalan” on the next day, that why late for this post.

1 thing the WMM boss, Limcs miss out at this event is the group photo for all the participant, but at least we manage to get our self a memorial picture~ Guess which one is me?

While we are there, around 7.45pm, Exabytes member are setting up the environment such as table, chair, banner, LCD projector and arranging the registration table. After finish, they get their group photo…~ sad~ they forgot about us 🙁

Sorry for the blur photo, my camera not yet warm up (Actually is my skill problem :))

Oh ya… This person is the Key person for this gathering, he is the boss of, his name is LimCs, we call him Foress. He giving us a speech on some SEO techinque

According to louiss, his SEO skill are very good, the price for the service are over thousand, and he manage to help your website to increase traffic and ranking… I guest some thing like this la~ because i not have much knowledge on SEO, hope to learn from him too…

This event are quite successful, the participant are more then 30 person, but for the forum member, i guest are less then 20.

Here come Johnathan AKA SeraphAngel, he is the webmaster of Seraph Studios. He share his HTML and CSS web design skill with all of us.

This is Wilfred, CEO of, he share us the technique which using flash. Who said flash delay loading… Wilfred said it won’t~

The last speaker is louiss, he show us some of his Social Bookmarking technique and his Blogging Secret

Last and no least, we manage to take our photo. All the participant are back and we stay there chit chat until nearly 1am.