I write sponsored post for PayPerPost (PPP) and Sponsored Review (SR) quite some number already, this 2 website motivate me to continue providing my real LIVE experience for my reader.

Which one I prefer
If you ask me which one I more prefer, I may vote for SR. Price may get higher, more challenging since it use BID method. Payment also more faster, 2 week maximum. If you submit the post a day before the payment date, you will get paid on the next day. Fast right?

Recently I went thought Weirdoux‘s Blog, talking about he like SR… making more buzz from SR… Tips to get approve easily … I did’n not see much tips there, but after read his SR description or so-callad BLOG PROFILE , found some really good tips, and I have follow. here my profile

iCalvyn.com = LIVE Tech blog. This blog has a bit extraordinary then other Tech blog, the blogger blog LIVE experience. Include his daily working IT task, problem he face and solution he found. All about Information Technology, Computing, Networking, Hardware and Software.

The reader earn valuable knowledge thought the daily interested content, Blogger blog new hardware he experience and useful software tools for Computer troubleshooting.

Here come the Tips:

I have compile some of his thought:

  1. List clearly what topic you are.
  2. List out how special your blog are, different from other.
  3. List out what you special content you provide for your reader.
  4. List out why your reader will benefit from you blog.

This is his latest profile (Modify again), better that the time I read few week ago

Post-Buzz: Personal blog that focus on blogging tips, how to earn money via online and tech news. Make money online is the main niche and the blog itself has managed to attract more visitors day by day.

We do seriously put the money is the main factor in life. That’s what encourage this blog to more aggressive in teach people how to make money online. We never publish the content that “problogger” mentioned because we want to be different.

With a different type of review style, the BUZZ always come with a good SEO skill and a good result.

Need an unique BUZZ?
Le us DO it for you!

You may use this method to attract the advertiser 1st impression with you. After I changes this way for my profile, It really works. I get few USD20 post easily and having a USD50 post in progress now. So far i never get 50USD bid before, the highest also 20USD only ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ well, thank for Weirdoux for this valuable tips.

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