Yahoo DomainLast Year, I bought from Yahoo Domains. Due to the offer are extreme cheap, only USD1.99, approximate MYR7.05 around that time. But, the renew fees of the domain was 9.95USD, around MYR35++

Tips to buy cheap domain at Yahoo
The cheap domain is only for new customer only,either your domain are new, or transfer to them, the 1st year will be USD1.99,

Most of the webmaster know that Yahoo only sell USD1.99 during promotion period, actually there are some tips, Yahoo always have this promotion, provided with the promo code or the valid link only. (ANY ONE NEED THE LINK, PLS EMAIL ME)

To avoid get high charges of USD9.95, I need to transfer the domain to my own domain reseller account.

How to transfer a domain?

1st of all, you need to find the Authorization code, login into Yahoo Domain CPanel, click on the “Domain Control Panel

Scroll down to the bottom, you will found a link called “View Your Authorization Code

You may found your authorization code there, but before you key in into your new domain seller(such as NameCheap or GoDaddy), you need to unlock your domain 1st. Click on the “Locked” button

Click “Unlock Domain” to release the lock

Now, your status become Unlocked

Now with the Unlocked Status, you may use the Authorization code